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What is the Mercedes Design Philosophy?

Posted on May 5, 2021 by Benny Werkhoven

To start, every Mercedes must be easily identified as part of a cohesive family. To this end, the most obvious trademark is the three-pointed celebrity. This star symbolizes the aggressive and forward-thinking approach of the original Mercedes designers. As a whole, the star represents the idea of a motorized world, together with the points standing for"on air, on water, and in the atmosphere."

In addition, the Mercedes design philosophy can be summed up in three points.

Mercedes Design Philosophy:

1. A Mercedes has to be a familiar member of a family

2. A Mercedes should reflect the overall values of the company while providing Excellent performance

3. The Plan needs to be a combination of innovation and tradition

This innovative mindset was instrumental in creating the traditional automobile brand. Looking back to the late 1970's and early 1980's, Mercedes embarked on a bold new design that depended on aerodynamic principles and a modern compact design. What resulted was the S-Class and C 111-3. When these models were considered groundbreaking at the time, neither series forfeited style for course.

Shortly, other producers were seeking to Mercedes as trend setters as well as an influential force in the auto industry. The Mercedes design philosophy became something to imitate.

Surely, new designs will create memorable and unusual elements. By way of instance, when the E-Class was born, it had been understood by the uniquely shaped and sized elliptical headlights.

There's absolutely not any indication that Mercedes Benz is slowing down. The business is continually thinking up new concepts and layouts. This way they are certain to remain a pioneer and protected their legendary status. But coming up with new ideas is not enough to make the"classic" grade. It's crucial for every Mercedes to always express all of the values associated with this pioneering business.