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In the Beginning: Mercury Automobiles

Posted on June 12, 2021 by Benny Werkhoven

Mercury was established in 1939 as a brand within the Ford Motor Company. Initially, the idea was to make a car that dropped between the popular, low-priced Ford and the luxury model. To do so, they created the Mercury Marauder.

In the 1960's an enthusiasm for race car driving was sweeping the country. Recognizing that, Mercury decided to take its cars to stock car racing. Together with top drivers behind the wheel like Parnelli Jones, the newly christened Mercury Marauder hit the circuit. In 1963, the Marauder won eight stock car names and other racing awards.

The success of the Mercury Marauder was meteoric. In turn, Ford chose to make a Marauder series offered at a two-door hardtop design. In 1964 the additional changes were made to the show and an assortment of options were provided. For example, all the Mercury versions, such as the Mercury Monterrey Marauder, Mercury Montclair Marauder, and a Mercury Park Land Marauder, came with a choice of motors up to 390 horsepower.

While these changes were being implemented, Mercury continued making its stock car variant. By 1964 the race version was equipped with a 410 horsepower engine.

Without doubt, the Marauder was a heavy duty vehicle. Approximately 4,500 lbs, this Mercury guaranteed a comfortable and solid ride. The secure feeling of the Mercury was among its most attractive features.

Many believe the two-door hardtop the very attractive design of all of the Mercury Marauders. Having a rear overhang, the trunk space is unmatched. And the back tailfins, three taillights and a compact bumper made for a fantastic presentation.

The inside has been constructed for comfort and accessibility. The front panel was easy with live gauges. Seats were available in either bucket or bench style. The doors on the two-door version were equipped with vents, strong handles and spacious armrests.

Mercury has been create classics today. Do not let their next generation pass you by.