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Engine Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Posted on June 24, 2021 by Benny Werkhoven

Most of us get tired and have felt depressed at times, but have you ever considered that your engine may experience the same manifestations?

The early signs of Engine Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ECFS) is a strong, noticeable lethargy that simply overpowers your motor. The profound weakness doesn't evaporate with extra fuel feedings, oil changes, spark plug replacements, etc..

ECFS Symptoms:

· Powerful and noticeable fatigue even after resting

· Increased fuel appetite

· Inability to perform with no clear reason

· Dissipation of energy and energy

· Painful increased toxic exhaust emissions

· Vociferous discord in engine

· Increased frequency in oil changes

· Persistent soiled spark plugs

At least one of these symptoms warrants further investigation.

How can ECFS start?

From the first time you use either gas or diesel to fill the tank.

Who will get ECFS?

ECFS transcends all ages, economic and social classes, in addition to geographical locations. Some members of the transportation community, and public customers as a whole, are inexperienced with ECFS, or are skeptical of the syndrome.

What are the statistics for ECFS?

Inevitably, all engines powered by diesel or gasoline fuel are changed.

What causes ECFS?

Sulfuric acid from the engine created by a mix of water in fuel and inherent attraction of gas to water. Even though most diagnosticians believed it to be an era illness leading to fatigue and weakness, scientific evidence has cast doubt on that theory.

How do consumers deal with and handle ECFS?

The Fuel Doctor indicates that"what we have here is a failure to communicate" between owner and engine. Manifestations are simply an engine's manner of communicating the demand for owner intervention.

Learning how to handle ECFS, may help improve the level where your engine functions, in addition to its quality of life. But handling ECFS requires treatment options: short term versus long term, economical versus non-economical.

Long Short-Term Remedies -- Handle individual symptoms as they surface. By way of instance, soiled spark plugs can be altered, or tainted oil could be removed and replaced. Not economically viable.

Short Long-Term Treatment - Handle the collective symptoms and simultaneously induce a cure - obviously the best economically viable solution.

The Fuel Doctor's Treatment Prescription:

According to scientific evidence, the Fuel Doctor strongly recommends the UBiee Power Pill Fe-3 for treating most of ECFS expressions. The Power Pill Fe-3 isn't only a healthy supplement to fuel feedings, but it's shown to dramatically induce improvement and liberate cure for many guises of ECFS. It's the most economically viable alternative on the market.


Engine Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a condition of known causes and is an inherent disorder affecting all motors. Results of therapy with Power Pill Fe-3 have shown to operate an effective and economic cure.